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Alanine Aminotransferase (ALAT/ALT), formerly called Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase (GPT), and Aspartate Aminotransferase (ASAT/AST), formerly called Glutamic Oxalacetic Transaminase (GOT), are the most important representatives of a group of enzymes, the amino-transferases or transaminases, which catalyze the conversion of a-keto acids into amino acids by transfer of amino groups.

As a liver-specific enzyme, ALAT is only significantly elevated in hepatobiliary diseases. Increased ASAT levels, however, can occur in connection with damages of heart or skeletal muscle as well as of liver parenchyma. Parallel measurement of ALAT and ASAT is, therefore, applied to distinguish liver from heart or skeletal muscle damages. The ASAT/ALAT ratio is used for differential diagnosis in liver diseases. While ratios < 1 indicate mild liver damage, ratios > 1 are associated with severe, often chronic liver diseases.

Increased in

  • Hepatocellular destruction, (example: viral hepatitis, Liver Shock, alcoholic hepatitis)
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Hemolysis in vivo
  • Musculoskeletal disease
  • Lung Infarction
  • Post-hepatic obstructive bile duct disease

Decreased in

  • End stage liver disease
  • Renal hemodialysis and/or renal insufficiency


  • Ready to use reagent.
    Proline ASAT (GOT) FS (IFCC mod.) comes in a liquid format which provides convenience for users as no reconstitution is required which helps reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.
  • Open system reagent, compatible with a wide range of instruments.
    Proline ASAT (GOT) FS (IFCC mod.) reagent is suitable for various third party analyzers such as Abbott, Advia, Cobas, Hitachi, Olympus, Response, TokyoBoeki, and Beckman Coulter. 


  • Optimal UV Test according to IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine).
  • No interference: ascorbic acid 30mg/dL, bilirubin 40mg/dL and hemoglobin 400mg/dL.
  • Measurement linearity is up to 600 U/L, with a lower limit of detection of 4 U/L.


  • TruCal U


  • TruLab N
  • TruLab P

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