Number Product : RA115000

Clima MC-15

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer designed for small, medium, and big laboratories, due to its versality and speed; perfect for urgencies, low volume laboratories and as back up instrument.

More throughput for less reagent

The tests are very easy to run and to control due to the use of a multi-cuvette rack with separated compartments and the help of the work station to dispense samples and reagents.

The multi-cuvette system allows Clima MC-15 to simultaneously process the reading of 15 end point tests per minute or 15 kinetics in 4 minutes with a minimum volume of reagent (0.5 mL) and without carry over.

Each cuvette has two different compartments, small for the sample and big one for the reagents up to 500 µL. It works with mono-reagent or bi-reagent measurement format.

Clima MC-15 is able to measure various parameter such as:

  • Absorbances
  • Concentration : end point and fixed time
  • Activities : kinetics
  • Differential
  • Ratio : specific calculations
  • Multicalibration curves : immunoturbidimetry, ELISA, and others

Various programs are installed to optimize the use of multi-cuvette system, such as:

  • Random access : allowing analyzer to automatically run different measurements with the same rack of cuvettes in only one process. It is possible to analyze substrates, enzymes, etc at the same time.
  • Profile program : pre-programmed or by free election, allows to run up to 15 different parameters for the same sample in a 5 minutes cycle.
  • Batch : program for calibrating and measuring one uniform parameter from different samples in one running cycle.

High versatility for low maintenance

Clima MC-15 is clinical chemistry analyzer designed for small, medium, and big laboratories, due to its versatility and speed, perfect for urgencies, low volume laboratories and as back up instrument.

The built-in incubator of 4 parallel multi-cuvette racks thermostated at 37 ºC, and a mixer guarantee thoroughly reaction between sample and reagents with standardized time and speed of shaking. No specialized personnel is required.

The results are displayed and printed out on thermal paper with the controls and flags if needed.

Due to its compact and robust design, the need of daily maintenance is almost negligible.

Technical Specification

Model type Benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer
Optical type Mobile head with halogen lamp, filter rotor, solid photocell, and filters rotor motor
System type High resolution, mono and bichromatic system
Sample types Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine
Sample volume 5 – 100 μL
Reagent volume 400 – 800 μL
Spectral range 320 – 650 nm
Incorporated filters 340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 630, and 670 nm
Band path < 8 nm
Detector Solid-state
Light source Halogen lamp 20 W
Photometer noise max ± 0.001 OD at 1.5 OD at 340 nm
Drift < 0.005 OD/h
Photometric linearity Better than 1%
Photometric accuracy ± 2% from 0 – 2.5 of OD
Readings Absorbances, concentrations, kinetics, fixed time, ratio, differential, and multistandard
Information display

Alphanumeric 4×40 characters LCD display completely programmed from the alphanumeric keyboard.
Easy instrument-operator communication.
The result is printed with 640 dots per line printer on thermal paper 100 mm wide.

Reading range 0 – 2.5 OD
Reproducibility ± 1 digit
Memory method 60 memory positions
Computer connection RS 232 C
Power AC 220 V; 50 Hz; 200 W
Dimensions 58 cm x 57 cm x 20 cm
Weight ± 20 kg