Lipase DC FS

Product Number : 1 4321


Lipase substrates are produced synthetically (1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid-(6-methylresorufin) ester) in microemulsions which are specifically broken down by lipases due to the presence of colipase and bile acids. The combination of lipase and bile acids makes this assay-specific and reliable for lipases in the pancreas without other reactions due to lipolytic enzymes or esterases. The reagent composition has been thoroughly optimized so that there is no serum matrix effect. The resulting methylresorufine-ester is spontaneously degraded to methylresorufine. The absorbance by this red dye is directly proportional to the lipase activity in the sample.

Increased in

  • Pancreatitis
  • Paralytic ileus
  • Kidney illness


  • Ready to use reagent.
    Proline Lipase DC FS comes in a liquid format which provides convenience for users as no reconstitution is required which helps reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.
  • Open system reagent, compatible with a wide range of instruments.
    Proline Lipase DC FS reagent is suitable for various third-party analyzers such as Abbott, Advia, Cobas, Hitachi, Olympus, Response, TokyoBoeki, and Beckman Coulter.


  • Enzymatic color test method
  • No interference: ascorbic acid 60 mg/dL, bilirubin 70 mg/dL, ditaurobilirubin 60 mg/dL, hemoglobin 600mg/dL, lipemia to triglycerides 1200mg/dL
  • Measurement linearity reached 180 mg/dL (4.7 mol/L) with a lower limit of detection of 1 mg/dL


  • TruCal U


  • TruLab N
  • TruLab P

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1 4321 99 10 921 4 x 21 mL 4 x 6 mL Proline® R-910