Reagents Urinalysis

Our reagent portfolio has been carefully selected to ensure our customers receive the highest quality performance from our market leading analysers.

Our Reagents Urinalysis

Laura Smart

Cat. No. Product Qty
INS00064 LAURA Smart 1 pce
URPH0028 DekaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0027 HeptaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0026 PentaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0024 DiaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0025 TetraPHAN SG LAURA 100 strips
URPH0029 MicroalbuPHAN LAURA 50 strips
REG00053 Urinorm 2 x 3 bottles
URPH1003 Control strips for LAURA Smart 3 pcs