Laura Smart

Semi-automated Urine Strip Reader

Laura Smart is a semi-automated compact urine strip reader with a throughput of 60 – 240 tests per hour. LAURA Smart reader enables the elimination of any subjective interpretation of the colour reaction of the diagnostic pad and therefore remarkably contributes to the correct diagnostic of the patient. It’s designed as an effective and powerful solution for small laboratories, ambulances of general practitioners, family doctors or specialists.


Two measuring modes

  • Standard (60 sample/h) – incubation inside the reader
  • Smart Timing (240 sample/h) – incubation outside the reader

Evalution of 12 clinically significant parameters

  • Specific Gravity (SG)
  • Leucocytes (LEU)
  • Nitirtes (NIT)
  • pH
  • Protein (PRO)
  • Glucose (GLU)
  • Ketones (KET)
  • Urobilinogen (UBG)
  • Bilirubin (BIL)
  • Blood (BLD)
  • Creatinine (CRE)
  • Microalbumin (MA)

Automatic Calculation of MA/CRE

Strip type flexibility

To cover the full range of routine chemical urinalysis, LAURA® Smart is compatible with different types of urine test strips. The strip type being used is automatically identified by the reader, no manual setting is needed.

Manual entry of sample color and turbidity with customizable category names

Portable mode using batteries

External keyboard and barcode reader connectivity

LIS Connectivity

Technical Specification

Analytical Modes Semi-quantitative reflectance photometer
Optical Unit LEDs and colour detector
  • 470 nm
  • 540 nm
  • 650 nm
Incubation periods 55 s
  • 60 strips per hour in standard mode
  • 240 strips per hour with in Smart Timing mode
  • Color TFT LCD display (320 x 240 pixels)
Printer Built-in thermo printer
Host interface RS232, USB
  Possibility to connect external keyboard or a barcode scanner via PS/2
Memory capacity Last 360 result
Languages for end-users EN, DE, FR, IT, RU, PL, CZ, HU, PT
Power source
  • Normal mode: 9 V DC switch adapter AC 90 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
  • Portable mode: 6 x 1.5 V (type AA) batteries
Power consumption 20 W max./1 W standby

20 – 25 °C

Relative humidity 20 – 80%

0.8 kg without adapter, battery and paper roll

Dimensions 230 x 127 x 110 mm

Order Details

Cat. No. Product Qty
INS00064 LAURA Smart 1 pce
URPH0028 DekaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0027 HeptaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0026 PentaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0024 DiaPHAN LAURA 100 strips
URPH0025 TetraPHAN SG LAURA 100 strips
URPH0029 MicroalbuPHAN LAURA 50 strips
REG00053 Urinorm 2 x 3 bottles
URPH1003 Control strips for LAURA Smart 3 pcs